18 ago. 2015

Leila & Alex

Colección Iniciales Mandala. Mei B. 1

Dedicatoria para Ale
Beauty of imperfeccion, one of my favourites motto, in this drawing represented by the asymetry of the lines, then followed by colours.

The fact that it is different can make it wonderfull, I wrote to Noelia not so long ago.

There are a lot of ways to live, love and enjoy. From inner balance, with the constant movement, imperfection becomes inspiracion and a trampoline to become better and face the adventure of a day by day full of emotions.

Enjoy the journey :)

Dedicatoria para Leila

I chose the four basic colours, that make a dashboard, as a metaphor of the beauty of simple things, and all the possibilities se can built with the esencial in life with creativity and making decissions.

For the background blue, as the sky, to whom to look at to relativize everything and accept the nature of life (green), and celebrate it with love (red) and joy (yellow).

Wish you a life full of colours, that create nice landscapes and learnings.

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